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Category: Laser Therapy

5 Surprising Health Issues That Aspen Laser Therapy Can Treat

Written By Homer Family Chiropractor on December 19, 2018

Aspen laser therapy is one of the many effective techniques we use at Homer Family Chiropractor. It’s commonly used to treat knee pain, foot pain, and to reduce inflammation.  Laser therapy uses light energy units, called photons, to heal damaged cells... Read More

Aspen Laser Therapy: The Pain Relief Treatment You Need Now

Written By Homer Family Chiropractor on August 10, 2018

We all have good days and bad days. We score that promotion – good day. We bomb the first big project – bad day.  But 100 million Americans have bad days… every day. That’s because they’re living with chronic pain. Billions... Read More

Understanding Low Level Laser Therapy for Foot Pain

Written By Homer Family Chiropractor on January 29, 2018

Are you struggling with finding the right plantar fasciitis treatment option for your chronic foot pain? Low level laser therapy might be what your body needs to finally heal itself, and we are thrilled to offer this service right in... Read More

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