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Category: Whiplash

3 Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Care for Auto Injury Treatment

Written By Homer Family Chiropractor on September 10, 2018

Let’s start with the facts. You do it every day. You can’t get to a desired destination without it. You’ve spent a lot of money on it. Now, the scary part.  Over 37,000 people die in car accidents each year. In addition, an... Read More

Why is Chiropractic Care Such an Effective Whiplash Treatment?

Written By Homer Family Chiropractor on April 27, 2018

Unfortunately, whiplash is a painful side effect for the majority of people involved in car accidents.  So why are almost half of these people left with ongoing pain and complications?  Because, despite whiplash being so common, there aren’t any conventional treatments available.  Thankfully,... Read More

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