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Localized Cryotherapy (CRYO Penguin)

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures up to -149ºC/-220°F in order to stimulate multiple health benefits.


Most injuries cause the body to become inflamed and reducing this inflammation is how we recover from injuries. Cryotherapy can help ypu recover from most injuries much quicker by drastically reducing inflammation and boosting blood circulation throughout the injured area. Treating soft tissue injuries with the Cryo Penguin allows concentration on targeted areas like the neck, shoulder, knee and wrist, focusing treatment to where it is needed most.

Pain Relief

People who suffer from pain are now turning to cryotherapy to help them mange to reduce it. During a cryotherapy treatment, the body slows down the nerve signal transmissions and releases a neurotransmitter that reduces pain sensitivity. The treatment also speeds up the recovery process by boosting the flow of nurient-rich blood.


Athletes of all disciplines are now turning to cryotherapy to help them perform better. With Cryotherapy, you can train harder, longer and recover quicker to help you achieve maximum results from your workout. Cryotherapy rapidly cools your body temperature as oxygen is pushed through the body to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and recover sore muscles.

Stress Relief

There are several noteworthy medical studies that show the benefits of cryotherapy for peopple that suffer from stress and have problems sleeping. Cryotherapy is a non-invasive method of inducing relaxation, elevating the mood and reducing stress through naturally increasing endorphin levels in the body.

Skin & Anti Aging

Providing thw ultimate facial, localized cryo helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and texture. Your skin will be glowing. Conditions of the skin improves in as little as 15 minutes, reducing inflammationand the signs of acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Cryotherapy penetrates into the layers of the skin increasing circulation and refining texture.